Maybe You've Heard of Tapping
Maybe You've Tried Tapping

BUT, have you ever experienced tapping that is specifically for you and your situation?

That’s what we provide!

While there are many websites and phone apps that can teach you the basics of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping, we take tapping to the next level with The EGO Tamer® (TET) Tapping.

And the best way to learn TET Tapping is through live, interactive training and personalized tapping sessions.

TET Tapping Training, Mentoring & Certification from Jan Luther and The EFT Academy
Jan Luther, EFT Founding Master - Your trainer and mentor at The EFT Academy


Imagine — having the power to heal your life literally at your fingertips.

With tapping, you can dissolve negative emotions, limiting beliefs
and negative behavior patterns – often in minutes!

How will you use your new tapping skill?


Upon completing TET Tapping Level 1 & 2 training at The EFT Academy, the next logical step is getting certified as a TET Tapping practitioner.

We offer a mentoring program to guide you through the certification process and arm you with the tools you’ll need to be successful in using TET Tapping in your business.

Lynne worked with Jan for training and mentoring, participated in Jan’s Business Mastermind group and started her own EFT Practice. Listen to what she had to say in this 11 minutes of wonderful information and feedback.


Before participating in Jan’s EFT Training and Business Mentoring, Lynne was seeing 2-to-4 clients per week. Six months after her year-long mentoring program with Jan at The EFT Academy, here is some of what she shares in the audio:

  • She was now seeing 16-20 clients per week!
  • She easily and joyfully replaced her corporate job and income
  • She is doing work that she absolutely LOVES
  • She stated that she had taken The EFT Academy and Business Mentoring training materials and made them her practitioner’s playbook and that she was “using it ALL!”

“There is no way I would have been able to accomplish all of this so quickly without your mentoring! Anyone who is considering EFT training and business mentoring with Jan, I say DO IT! It’s such a small investment—that has already returned one hundred-fold to me.”

Lynne Shaner, PhD

Praxis Wellness in Life+Work

What is The EGO Tamer (TET) Tapping?
Mentoring for Certification at The EFT Academy with Jan Luther, EFT Founding Master
Meet Your Trainer and Mentor - Jan Luther, EFT Founding Master

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