What are EFT and TET Tapping?
EFT® or Emotional Freedom Techniques® was created by Gary Craig in 1995. Based upon ancient Chinese wisdom of the body’s energy meridian system, we often refer to EFT as acupuncture without needles. Using two or more fingers, you simply tap on meridian ending points to calm your nervous system, reboot your fight or flight response and shift from states of anxiety and overthinking to a calm, clear minded and energetically balanced state.

EFT teaches us that the cause of ALL negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. Once you tap and talk through your feelings, the negative emotions, fears and limiting beliefs melt away clearing the way for feelings of hope, peace and your rejuvenated energy system. In this newly balanced state, you can easily tune in to your intuition to reframe the troublesome situation and embrace a new, more positive paradigm.

After working with clients and students for over a decade, almost every one of them realized that I was doing more than just the generic EFT. They realized that not only were we tapping to clear blocks and recover the life they desired, but we were calming that little voice in their head, the “inner critic” that you’re probably familiar with. That inner critic thrives on sucking your energy away from your goals and dreams – all in the name of protecting you from embarrassment or failure.

I call that inner critic the EGO…and just like the lion tamer calms the roaring beast, my unique approach to tapping not only re-balances the body’s energy system, it also quiets the mind…hence, taming the EGO. This is my own unique enhancement to EFT and I truly believe that it makes all the difference in the world when I’m working with you and the past traumas, losses and changes in your life.

I decided to put a name to the technique I use when working with my clients. I call it The EGO Tamer® (TET) Tapping Technique. (I know, clever, right?) It’s my own adaptation of tapping that incorporates intuition and drawing on the gifts and power of the Spirit to get to your core issues.

I’m known by most of my clients and students as The EGO Tamer®. Don’t be put off by the title. I don’t use whips and I don’t bark commands. It’s actually meant to be a humorous play on words. No matter what you call me, TET Tapping gets results…and that’s what I want for my clients…results that matter!

I will tell you this. There is another voice inside of us; the voice of our Soul or Authentic Self. That voice is connected to our God/Creator and that voice has wisdom and courage and insights for our life. That voice will answer when we call for help. In every moment of agony, we can be lifted, inspired and directed.

In order to experience the peace that surpasses understanding, we must first be willing to surrender our “need to understand.” Our EGO will only allow this when our heart is softened and fully open. In those moments our mind is quiet and our “will” is surrendered to that Higher Power that can deliver that peace in any given moment. This is our primary goal with TET Tapping. Calm the inner beast and all the fearsome anxiety that feeds it. When this happens, Divine Wisdom pours into us and the result is a change of heart that changes everything!

So, after living this and many other challenges and finding myself in a unique position to share the path to victory over EGO, I realized that my mission is to teach others what I’ve learned about taming the EGO or “voice of the flesh.” I know the EGO wants to steal your sanity, rob you of your joy and cheat you out of your destiny, but it can only accomplish that if you don’t take authority over it.

Whether your primary frustration is with your finances, relationships, self-esteem or coping with trauma, loss and change, I would love to help you tame your EGO.

The beauty of EFT and TET Tapping is that once you learn it, you can bring up any painful memory or a distressing thought and melt it away intentionally in a manner of minutes – not months or years!

Gary Craig introduced EFT and emofree.com to the world using this video. You’ll want check it out to learn a little more about EFT.

Who can benefit from EFT and TET Tapping?Who can benefit from using EFT and TET Tapping?

It’s 2 AM and you, or someone you love, wakes up in pain; sick to the stomach or with nightmares or anxiety. EFT® is THE best first aid kit! Within 10 minutes you can use EFT and TET Tapping to restore some balance to the body and mind and even tap to help return to and stay asleep.

Your children come home from school amped up and anxious from all of the energies they took in at school. YOU can help them dissipate all of the negative energy while creating a lovely connection and opening doors to further communication and address their stress, fears, self-doubts and, yes, even their blocks to learning.

When your spouse or partner is in physical or emotional pain, YOU can be there to gently guide them through tapping to restore balance and to calm them inside and out while helping them think through the cause, reaction and meaning behind it.

Your mind keeps rehashing something from the past. That argument, that betrayal, that accident, injury, death of a loved one or medical diagnosis. The more you think about it, the worse you feel. You know that ruminating on pain or a problem is not helpful, but how can you shift your attention and begin to self-soothe and heal? EFT and TET Tapping!

No matter what your challenge, the simple act of tapping quiets your mind and nervous system and allows you to begin thinking with greater clarity and peace.

If you can form a sentence expressing how you feel and feed yourself, you can learn to use EFT and TET Tapping. And if you or someone you love cannot move their hands, you can tap for them with the same miraculous results.

We try it on everything!

Deborah Miller uses EFT to help children cope with cancer:

Dr. Mercola has an article on EFT for stress and anxiety:

Dr Peta Stapleton is constantly researching the powerful effects of EFT for cravings and weight management: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7lfzm73ec8

Jan has found EFT helpful for just about every human condition. She has tried EFT on everything from headaches (even migraines) to strains, sprains, depression, PTSD, physical and emotional abuse, abandonment issues, childhood neglect, self-loathing, shame and even suicidal thoughts. EFT can shift you out of any negative mental state and, with practice, you can learn to tune in to your Inner Guidance for tremendous peace, healing and prosperity in every form.

There are thousands of articles and research papers on EFT. Here is one from Dr. David Feinstein on why EFT works.

Other resources include:

AAMET International (The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques)

ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology)

EFT Universe

EFT Tapping Training

EFT Training, Workshop and Teleclass Directory

The question is…what will you heal first?

  • Anxieties and Stress?
  • Cravings and Self-sabotaging Habits?
  • Physical Pain?
  • Traumatic Memories?
  • Relationship Pain / Divorce / Betrayal / Abuse?
  • Finances and Prosperity?
  • Unresolved Disappointments, Shame, Anger or Phobias?
  • Grief?

EFT and TET Tapping can reduce or dissolve them ALL!

Debbie Matthews

Debbie had a phobia – fear of snakes.

Hear what she had to say about her miraculous healing during an EFT Level 1 and Level 2 training class!

Here are some bullet points from Debbie’s testimonial:

  • I had the blessing of going to one of Jan’s training classes.
  • My boss, who is an MD, had heard of EFT and believed in EFT and wanted us to be trained.
  • I was skeptical and went because it was a requirement.
  • I went willing to learn to do a trade.
  • What happened was a miracle for me.
  • I had a snake phobia (couldn’t see them in a book on tv or in real life – there just aren’t enough words to describe the fear I had of snakes).
  • During the class I made a comment about my fear of snakes and Jan said “Let’s address that!”
  • My life was changed instantly.
  • I keep saying I am going to send Jan a picture of me HOLDING a snake. I have been in a pet store and now I can stand surrounded by them. I can hold them.
  • EFT can change everything!
New to EFT and TET Tapping or just need a refresher on the tapping points that Jan uses in her classes and personal coaching sessions? Just click here!

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