My Students are AWESOME!

Please check out what some of them have to say about their experiences with me. I think as you read, watch and listen to these testimonials, you’ll find that I take a unique approach in my classes and workshops.

I have seen EFT, I had done EFT, heck I have taught EFT but I have never experienced EFT the way I did tonight with Jan. It was a truly spiritual experience. I feel giddy.

Linda S.

…I can’t say enough good about Jan. I would love to shrink her and stick her on my shoulder and carry her around with me all the time!

Christal Conard

I think the best thing that I got out of this was in your class.. I thought it might be helpful to my husband who was giving me a hard time about this EFT stuff, this left brained, genius type of guy who’s an engineer and it doesn’t quite fit his mindset. SO I downloaded the recording onto his GPS and asked him to listen to this on his way home from work. When he came home he was near tears, he had gotten his issue out of the way… it cleared right up and he talked about how spiritual and how near to the heart this work was. So the biggest blessing for me was that I got my husband to change his view about what we do.

Ellie McFalls

I have worked with Jan Luther, “The EGO Tamer,” to take my life and my business to the next level. By applying her techniques I found a new sense of confidence and clarity. Jan’s methods are not only solid, grounded and real, they are relevant, intuitive and effective. Her exceptional teaching methods would alone be worth the investment, but she is deeply connected to her work and that makes all the difference. Because you truly learn to ‘do the work yourself,’ I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get un-stuck and feel a renewed sense of self- empowerment and possibility. She can truly liberate you!


C & Company

In the past, I’ve done the regular EFT type of tapping, however I’ve seen where the results of Jan’s type of tapping took everything to a new level. The results are much quicker and much, much more profound. I am never surprised at the marvelous things that Jan is able to do. I appreciate Jan very much and would highly recommend her workshops to anyone.

Dr. Patrick Offman

I had the blessing of going to one of Jan’s EFT trainings last October. I was a skeptic who was going out of obligation. What happened was a miraculous healing for me. The word phobia is too mild for me with the situation that I had with my fear of snakes. It had been instilled in me since I was five years old. I couldn’t look at them in a book, I couldn’t see them on TV and God forbid that I might see one in real life. I would hyperventilate, pass out, get sick; there are just not enough words to explain the fear that I had of snakes…During the class I mentioned my snake phobia and [Jan} said, ‘Let’s address that.’ My life was changed instantly in that matter. I have now stood by snakes, taken pictures. ALSO, I had had major surgery on my knee. I left and for the first time in 2 years I was able to walk up and down stairs. EFT not only changed me physically, but now it has changed me emotionally. I am able to set goals, follow through and be more.

Debbie Matthews

Jan Luther’s “Personal Applications Class” was amazing! I was blown away with the things I discovered about myself. I planned to work on a few minor money issues I’d been having, not expecting it to be anything life changing. Was I surprised! Some issues came up with my childhood that I had completely forgotten about and certainly never imagined would bother me now. Turns out they were a major cause in the anxiety I dealt with every day. Clearing them, through this class, had incredible benefits I never expected. I highly recommend the ‘Personal Application Class’ and working with Jan!


Radio Personality

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