Teleclass Basics with Jan Luther, EFT Founding Master
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What is a Teleclass?

A teleclass is a conference call; similar to a chat line. You and a number of other participants call a regular phone number (typically a long distance call). The call-in phone number is normally provided after you have registered on our web site for that teleclass. At the designated start time for the teleclass, you simply call that phone number, enter your private code (which we provide to you) and, upon connecting to the teleclass, the recording will prompt you to introduce yourself. You will then be on the line with the class. Either my assistant or I will welcome you to the call. My teleclass training always begins promptly at two (2) minutes after the listed start time. In most cases, I will lock out additional callers after the five (5) minute mark into the teleclass.

How does a teleclass work?

A teleclass is similar to a grad school discussion — some lecture, some questions, some discussion. And, of course, with my classes we will be actively creating your healing opportunities by including EFT (Tapping). If this is your first time participating in one of my teleclasses, you may wonder if and how it works. It is very effective. You are more relaxed in your own space. You don’t have to expend energy or money traveling to my location. You can even show up in your PJ’s and no one will know. My classes are highly interactive and the ‘flow’ works well. You can listen and absorb and you can also engage in the discussion if you desire. You will be invited to participate and ask questions at regular intervals throughout the class. It is my intention to hear every student’s voice at least one time per class. Please note that on larger teleclasses, this may not always be possible. I may also ask, in some cases, that you hold your questions until the designated Q&A session at the end of the teleclass.

How long is a teleclass?

My teleclasses normally last an hour. Occasionally, they may last 90 minutes. Some teleclasses are held one time only while others may be a series that meets weekly for several weeks or months.

Do I need a computer to participate?

You do not need a computer in order to participate in the teleclass. You will, however, need one in order to register for the class and receive the pre-class and post-class notes and audio links. These are normally provided to you via e-mail using the e-mail address you provided to us at the time your registered. So, all you need is a regular phone! I would highly encourage you to purchase a headset so that your hands are free to do the tapping portions of the teleclass. The headsets are normally very inexpensive and most department stores and office supply stores carry them.

How much will it cost?

How much will it cost?
Depending on the nature of the teleclass, the registration fees range from Free to $350.00 plus. Pricing will always be posted on the registration page so that you know the price before you register. We don’t like surprising people. 🙂 (Considering a personal session with me will start at $150.00 – $225.00 per hour, there are incredible benefits and cost-savings by participating in my teleclasses; not to mention the gas and travel savings I already mentioned!). Please note that inaddition to the registration fee, you may incur long distance charges depending on your current long distance plan with your telecommunication provider.

How do I enroll in a class?

Registration normally opens via my web site within 30-90 days of the teleclass. Because I limit the size of my teleclasses, they generally fill up in a matter of hours following the opening of registration. Unless the teleclass you are registering for is free, you will be asked to pay for it at the time of registration using our PayPal processing system.

Prior to participating in my teleclass, I would ask that you review the protocols outlined below. Thanks!

Jan’s 7 Simple Protocols for Teleclass Participants

  1. Use a regular land line rather than calling from a cell or mobile phone. Remember that we are on a sensitive phone bridge that will amplify any noise from your surroundings and if you lose your cell signal, it can get frustrating trying to dial back in to the teleclass.
  2. Disable your call waiting feature BEFORE you call in. Please refer to your phone service instructions for the correct procedure.
  3. You have the ability to “raise your hand” using 5* at any time during our call and I will see it on the conference call control panel and respond as soon as possible.
  4. Turn ringers off on other phones/fax machines that are in your office.
  5. Please remember to state your name when you speak so that we know who is talking.
  6. Participate in the way that best suits you. Most of my teleclasses are purposefully small enough to hear from every student and you will be invited to share your thoughts, feelings and ideas at least one time during our class. (Note: Some of my teleclasses are large and are for informational purposes. During these teleclasses, I may ask that you wait to participate until the Q&A session at the end.)
  7. I love questions on topic. My teleclasses are designed to be highly participatory (except as noted above regarding large informational teleclasses). Also, keep in mind that there will be a period at the end of the call that will be specifically devoted to questions, answers and announcements.

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