The magic and miracle of EFT is defined by what we call The Discovery Statement.

“The CAUSE of ALL negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system!”

Not some emotions. Not the biggies or the little ones. ALL negative emotions.

Ergo—stop the disruption and dissolve the experience of the negative emotions.

(Check out this video for my explanation…)

HHHMMM… sounds sketchy right?

I mean, my logical brain says:

BUT…These emotions each arise from a unique and different set of circumstances.

  • Anxiety is from worry and fearfulness about what is happening now or in the future.
  • Depression is from some form of devastating disappointment or traumatic pain
  • Grief is from trauma death and loss

Okay, okay. I’ll concede that the circumstances and thinking patterns may be as individual and unique as you are (MY precious and lovely little snowflake – grinning). But a negative emotional feeling… is a negative emotional feeling… IS a negative emotional feeling.

Remember how the old (what was the name of that TUBE) televisions? If the transmission was disrupted between the TV station and the antenna on your box—zzzzztttt and all you could got was white noise and ants on the screen.

And didn’t we all try at least once or twice to fix it by banging on the side of the TV?

(Hmmm tapping on it with, shall we say…enthusiasm…C’mon stupid TV!!! LOL)

And once the connection was cleared…so was the picture!

Same thing with tapping and negative emotions.

And here’s the real beauty of tapping. Regardless of the circumstance that brought about the disruption in your energy system, once you clear the negative emotions, you can get a clearer picture of what needs to be addressed mentally to resolve the trauma, loss, pain and fear – once and for all.


Hard to believe?

Just today I had a session with a beloved friend and client, Stephanie. She’s been in excruciating pain from sciatica. (Talk about a pain in the butt!!)

For days she’s been seeking relief, seeing a chiropractor almost daily and, in her own words, “Considering that ending it all might be better than living like this!”

Within 60 minutes of tapping with me, her physical pain went from a tear inducing 10+ to a 3.

Her intelligent mind had a clearer grasp on the root cause and the stories that had been amplifying the disconnect between the self that was writing the stories and her Higher Self that knows all of the potential goodness her life.

Her sense of PEACE and hope had gone from negative life force temptations of checking out to not only hopeful but deeply moved by the vision of what might be in store for her next in her life.

(Just me having another typical day at the office! I am sooo lucky!)

So before we get to some tapping… I would like to encourage you to consider what YOUR life might be like if you had the ONE tool that could dissolve ALL negative emotions.

How well equipped would you feel facing your future?

How safe would you feel knowing that whatever life throws at you, there is a way to rise above it?

And this is a special, urgent invitation to all of you reading this who are already offering some form of coaching, healing or talk therapy.

The power of this tool to help your clients and patients “get out of their own way” and have:
• Greater confidence and a sense of Self-Worth
• Tremendous vision and clarity
• The ability to stop self-sabotage feelings (fear, right?)

And you, therapist, healer, coach…the satisfaction and confidence that YOU are up-leveling your offerings. PRICELESSS!

So without further delay—Here’s a sweet, sweet sampling of tapping for our first emotion –

EFT Tapping for Anxiety

In addition to the video, I put together a special tapping script PDF for shifting out of anxiety.

This is my gift to you and I hope it brings you peace in your life whenever anxiety pops up.

P.S. Visit our home page at The EFT Academy to grab one of the remaining seats in my upcoming EFT Level 1 and Level 2 training.

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